You’ve got a friend in me… Industry Associations

Do you remember the Toy Story movies? No matter what toy sized troubles confronted Woody and Buzz, their theme song “You’ve got a friend in me” always rings true.


What about ~800 friends? (PMI’s Qld Chapter)
Or almost 400,000? (PMI Globally)
Or 100,000? (The Australian Institute of Engineers)
Or 144,000? (CPA Australia)

There’s lots of ways to get involved locally or globally: receive great benefits and help others.

Industry associations provide friendship, training, they organise events, produce high quality professional journals, help members find work. Like Woody and Buzz they’re made up of toys people just like you and I. These associations make a difference to their members, to employers, and to our society. Most re-invest membership fees in research to improve practices and prove what does (and doesn’t) work. Australian’s have the Institute of Engineers to thank for many of our national standards; CPA’s train and accredit Accountants and enforce professional standards; and PMI Certifies Project Managers in Best Practices and Professional Ethics.


In 5 years in PMI I’ve made friends, learnt, been mentored and then paid this forward, and been inspired by skilled, positive and enthusiastic professionals. From several years in the Australian Institute of Company Directors I’ve attended lunches with leading speakers; and their monthly journal provides the latest in good practice for boards. Earlier I achieved my Masters in Technology through the Institute of Engineers Business School. These associations have helped me immensely.

If you’re already involved in an association I’d love to hear what you value most. If not, look up your local association, and I’d encourage you to get involved. Woody and Buzz’s best adventures occurred when they got out of Andy’s bedroom!

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