6 tips to land your dream role

ID-100110504Across four months following a large corporate program (Unify at Virgin Australia) I searched for my next challenge. During this time I learnt about myself, my existing company, and ultimately the local job market. If you’re looking to find your fit these tips might help.

1. Know who you are and what you want. This is harder than it sounds. We all do better in roles we’re good at and like doing. Don’t be afraid to ask friends and colleagues for “a time you were at your best”. Can your present job or company provide opportunities, or is volunteering the answer? The grass isn’t always greener. Only chase things you really want.

2. Your CV and cover letter need to be punchy and genuine. It takes lots of time, feedback from friends and recruiters, and many edits, to accurately show who you are and the value you bring.

3. When applying don’t be afraid to ask for advice or a “good word” from friends, ex-colleagues, and help from recruiters. Always call, listen intently, and learn about the role. Be able to briefly share some features you’d bring. Appreciate and try to reciprocate any help you’re given.

4. Listen: to friends, colleagues, recruiters, people already involved at your target, and especially in interviews. For most of us applications and interviews are unfamiliar. Every organisation and role is different. Finding your dream role is a learning experience. What’s worked for others? Listen and understand before writing your cover letter, before tailoring your CV, and listen before answering in interviews.

5. Be patient and don’t take rejection personally. All of us were “not right” for lots of things before we landed our dream role. When rejected ask for feedback, this can be a great way to learn.

6. When you get the right offer: celebrate! Celebrate the role, the wonderful people you’ll meet, and the friends who helped you get there. Expect there’ll be an adjustment period but trust in the work you put in to make the decision.

My application of these tips: After four months exploring all opportunities within DWS, searching externally, learning and following these tips: in Sept 2013 I was very excited to join Technology One as the Qld Consulting Team’s Program Manager. Based in Fortitude Valley Technology One provides ERP software, Cloud implementations and professional consulting to underpin education, government, financial services, health, utilities and managed services industries.

Later in 2013 I applied these tips again to land a key role volunteering on PMI Qld’s Board. Volunteering lets me give back, work with really great people, and hone my senior leadership skills.

I’d love to hear from you if there’s any way I can help your “dream job” search.

Author: Martin McKern View Martin McKern's profile on LinkedIn     


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