True North Journey’s provides interesting and well researched business articles covering:

Compass showing only North

  • Resonant Leadership;
  • Program Management and Project Management;
  • Management and IT Consuting;
  • Managing yourself and managing others;
  • Business Strategy;
  • Sustainability; and
  • Staying true to yourself.

In a conversational style, each article has been written considering academic research as well as real world experience picked up in a 20+ year career in business.

What does “True North Journey’s” mean?

A core belief underlying this site is the importance of improving our careers and lives towards a “true north” better place:

  1. People seem to do best when consistently heading toward true north – chasing passions, well considered plans, and staying true to our values and spirituality;
  2. Like real compasses’ that point to a flawed and changeable magnetic north, we often need adjustment to keep on track with our own personal true north;
  3. We’re on a continual journey from who we’ve been in the past, to a wiser person still “trapped” in our future.  Learning from our journey, and others, helps us grow.

How can we find and stay true to our direction?
As leaders, and people, how can we know more in order to do better?
I’ll try to write articles that always assist with at least one of these questions.

About the Author 


I’m a professional manager with 20+ years diverse business experience. I’m also a husband, a father, a flawed Christian, dog owner, and a sometimes absent family member or friend.

In business I’ve lead teams from just myself to over 180 members. I’ve developed IT code, founded a company, been a sales person, taught tertiary education, and managed programs and projects to $100M+.  Companies I’ve worked for include Virgin Australia, Shell Australia, Rio Tinto, KPMG Consulting (BearingPoint), Telstra, WorkCover Qld, Country Energy, Anglo Coal and DWS Consulting.

I’ve a commitment to keep learning, improving and innovating: so I’ve completed multiple undergraduate and multiple post graduate qualifications; and I continue to learn through both industry and academic pathways. I’ve also been extraordinarily fortunate to have fantastic mentors along the way. I’ve also made plenty of mistakes, upset people, and had to apologise more than once: so I’m certain I’m still learning.  This blog is my attempt to pay some of this forward by sharing some nuggets I’ve collected thus far; and I sincerely hope others will comment and share some of their “gold” with me also.

Where to find me?


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